Many communities and people will be served by the New Plant Energy's Drop-In Recycling & Renewable Fuel Facility, including:
  • Communities in Southern New York, whose waste is collected by the haulers with whom New Planet Energy has long-term feedstock agreements.
  • Rockland County, where the Stony Point recycling facility and biorefinery will be located; the county will receive the major benefits of job creation, as well as enhanced tax revenues and the local economic impact of the facility’s construction and operation.
  • New York’s 719 school districts, whose 44,439 school buses can switch – easily and inexpensively – to a cleaner, greener fuel without the air pollution and health problems caused by the petroleum-derived diesel and ultra-low sulfur diesel fuels now used (NPE would have the capability to produce enough renewable diesel each year to fuel the state’s entire fleet of school buses).
  • Nearby metropolitan transit districts that  will have the opportunity to switch their diesel-powered buses to a cleaner fuel.
  • American consumers whose choices will be expanded – and whose carbon footprint will be reduced –  can buy products made of recycled materials.