New Planet Energy’s  know-how rests in its ability to  develop and  projects that create and build on strong local community relationships.

NPE's objective is to provide complete solutions for municipal trash disposal, landfill reduction, air emissions, project financing, local economic development and job creation.

In its first joint venture, NPE collaborated with INEOS Bio USA, LLC, a business unit of one of the largest global chemical companies, to develop and build, a commercial plant. This operation produced Ethanol and renewable electricity from a variety of green wastes using the INEOS Bio thermochemical and biochemical process.

This was the first technology used directly by INEOS Bio USA, LLC  in their Ethanol Division.  New Planet provided the site and development and Did Not operate the Vero Beach location.

Ineos Bio USA recently sold the Ethanol Technology to a Chinese Bio Fuel Manufacturer and the Vero Beach property to Alliance Bio Energy.

Since 2012, New Planet has focused its efforts on New York State due to communities resisting landfill expansions.

New Planet Energy has identified three future sites for development in New York State and has identified future project opportunities in the North East and California for development.