New Planet Energy wants to bring the latest recycling, manufacturing of alternative renewable fuels and Bio-Refinery technology to Stony Point, New York. New Planet will take 1.3 million tons of Municipal solid Waste (MSW), recycle the valuable recyclables, manufacture an EPA certified-alternative fuel. This is known as, solid recoverable fuel (SRF) and capable of producing 30 million gallons of renewable  (super clean) sulfur free diesel and other renewable  Bio-Products. We are turning the liability of MSW into reusable products and renewable fuels, with a diversion rate of over 85%. We are creating jobs, attracting other ancillary businesses that will use our recyclables, creating a very large positive economic and environmental impact on the community and State. We will be utilizing 1.3 million tons of MSW, keeping it out of landfills creating a better more sustainable environment. Our sulfur free diesel has all the good characteristics of petroleum based products, without their polluting characteristics. Our sulfur free diesel can be used in any diesel engines without modification and will run clean and improve MPG's. We want to create the most technology advanced recycling and manufacturing of renewable fuels center in the world.  This is an important project that represents the future of true sustainability in a circular clean renewable economy. (We need your help to do this)”